Lebanese Kebab Recipe

نحوه پخت کباب لبنانی, مواد لازم برای کباب لبنانی

½ cup bulgur wheat
 Mince 400g
 Half an onion chopped onions
 Half a teaspoonful of cumin
 One tablespoon of yogurt
 Oil for frying

Materials inside the grill:
One tablespoon of olive oil
 One small onion, finely chopped
 Chopped 2 tablespoons pine seeds
 A number of garlic (cloves)
 Red pepper, black, ground cinnamon in a small amount of
 Tablespoon chopped raisins Pulao
 A pound of ground beef
 Enough salt
 One tablespoon of chopped coriander leaves

Metal Tahyny:
Tahyny (pudding) 4 teaspoonful
 4 teaspoonful of yogurt
 A little lemon juice
 4 tablespoons olive oil
 3 tablespoons water
 A large clove of garlic

Wash the bulgur wheat 3 times, then add half a cup of boiling water and cover.
Materials for the Roast, Fry onions in oil, add the pine kernels, خرد کن پلین , then the garlic, mince and add the raisins and Fry. Add the spices, add the following ingredients off and cilantro.

Rinse bulgur wheat and set aside.
The Food Processor, remaining meat, onion and spices mentioned in the mix.
Place bulgur and add the ingredients by hand kneading, add the yogurt.

Take a little bit of grits to smooth some of the materials that have been produced within the fold and close the grill. Do the same with the other ingredients and put in refrigerator for 30 minutes.
Fry the roast.
Mix together all the sauce ingredients and serve with the roast.